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This page is for Listing Holders Only. ‘You’ refers to the listing/business holder. Members of the public should visit the general FAQ’s page to access more relevant information. 

Dog friendly features are a standard inclusion in all packages (including free). The below features will appear on relevant listings only. It is our main priority to make Australian communities as dog friendly as possible. 

Dog friendly feature options include:

  • Off Leash
  • On Leash
  • Agility Equipment
  • Sensory Equipment
  • Night lights
  • Shade for dogs
  • Shade for pawrents
  • Poop bags & disposal
  • Separate areas for large & small Dogs
  • Combined large & small dog area
  • Dogs allowed inside
  • Dogs allowed outside only
  • Large Dog Full Fence
  • Large Dog Partial Fence
  • Small Dog Full Fence
  • Small Dog Full Fence
  • Dogs allowed on furniture
  • Dogs not allowed on furniture
  • Dog friendly outdoor/balcony/deck
  • Dog Bowls
  • Water taps
  • Dog Beds
  • Dog Towels
  • Dog Toys
  • Dog Treats
  • Dog Welcome Pack

Dog Events Australia provides an independent review of all listings on the Deluxe Plan. 

Customers are more likely to trust and engage with the service, property, event, activity or business if it has been reviewed by DEA. 

DEA Reviews are conducted either in person or remotely by trusted DEA representatives around Australia. It is up to the discretion of DEA as to which method they use.

Every category linked to a listing must also be reviewed. See the Category info below.

Remote Reviews

You will be asked to complete the online  Dog Friendly Review. This process involves answering a series of check boxes, uploading images, videos, client testimonials and links to relevant sources. We may contact you to request further information. 

In Person Review

A DEA Representative will conduct a review of your listing in person. It is not always cost effective or viable for DEA to provide an in person review, however if you would prefer this method, please contact us to place a request. In order to make the process more cost effective/viable, you may be asked to provide complimentary/discounted services/stays/products. 

Review Outcome

Once the review has been completed, your listing will be reviewed against our 4PAW standards.  You will be awarded a 4PAW status. A 4PAW Status Sticker will be sent to you in the mail for display at your property. You will also receive a digital version to upload to any online channels you may have. 

DEA Review, Renewal and Revocation.

If for any reason, DEA deems your listing to be inappropriate for our platform or that the 4PAW rating is not being upheld, your listing may be removed from our platform without notice. You will have the right to appeal. You can view the appeal process here.

A 4PAW Rating expires every year, with your package. You can choose to have your listing automatically continue from year to year, however you will still need to undergo and annual review to maintain your 4PAW Rating.

 In November 2020 we conducted a survey of small dog owners and asked them to vote for features that make a listing ‘dog friendly’. We received 107 votes. The results of this survey can be found here. 

We are currently surveying all dog breeds and sizes to provide a more balanced and accurate data set to underpin our rating system and standards. You can complete the survey here. 

The Dog Friendly Features will be used to ascertain how dog friendly the listing is. Certain features will be allocated to certain listing categories. 

The final criteria for a DEA Review & 4PAW rating will be announced in late January prior to the official DEA launch. 

Currently being updated

Currently being updated

Standard, Deluxe and Hero packages allow you to display an availability calendar for bookings. This can be synced to other calendars such AIR BnB, by importing the iCalendar links.

Note: The Standard Package displays the calendar only. It does not allow online bookings. If you would like to accept online bookings, you will need to purchase the Deluxe plan.

We do not take charge a ‘host fee’ like other booking sites. 100% of your booking charges are yours! 

We do however ask that you list your products/services on our page at a slightly cheaper rate than all other platforms. This encourages the public to book on our platform, which means more profit for you and cheaper rates for customers. Win, win, win!

We do charge a $2.00 handling fee per booking to cover our costs.

DEA currently has eight categories:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Services
  3. Eateries
  4. Animal Welfare Organisations
  5. Events
  6. Activities
  7. Outdoor areas

Each category also has sub-categories. These can be viewed on our Category page. 

Each package has set limits to the number of categories available for you to list in. The Standard Package currently allows 2 category listings, whilst the Deluxe package allows 3. If you require more listing than this, please contact us. 

Examples of how you might use multiple categories:

You’re listing ABC Hotel. This hotel provides accommodation but it also has a separate bar area and restaurant. You can therefore list your business under all three of these categories with the deluxe package – as long as each of these areas is dog friendly. 

All listings under EVEY category entered must be dog friendly, otherwise they cannot be listed on this site. If your bar isn’t dog friendly, you can’t list it – but you could list the restaurant and accommodation. Make sense? 

Each listing page has a Public Review section. This section allows members of the public to review your listing and upload up to 2 photos per review. The purpose of this is to help the public share what they liked and didn’t like about the listing. Listing holders should be monitoring this as part of their continuous improvement process. 

We do have  whiz bang tech features behind the scenes to prevent any profanity words and we do monitor these reviews as closely as possible, however sometimes inappropriate/irrelevant reviews may come through. We encourage you to keep a close eye on your reviews. This will give you a good understanding of what the public think about your business and will help you identify any room for improvements. 

We may contact you to discuss a review if we feel it is necessary.

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