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“PUTIA” is an old Sicilian word for local store or a little shop selling food and wine and household items, usually adjoining or under neighbouring apartments and houses. It derives its origins from the Spanish word bodega (bottega) , meaning cellar or warehouse of food and wine and the studio of a master artist. Putias still exist today in Sicily where locals come and shop for their daily food products, exchanging stories, recipes and catching up on the local community happenings. Putia reflects the diversity of foods in the Mediterranean with flavours from Spain, Greece, France, Morocco, North Africa, Arabia and the Americas. They reflect the wonderful European family hospitality and the philosophy of warmth and sharing.


DAA Review…

We visited this charming cafe on a Wednesday. We were amazed with the quality of service, from the moment we walked in. There is dog friendly outdoor seating for approx. 25 people. The waitress greeted us and our dog with the very best service, bringing table water and a water bowl for our little Winney. 

There is plenty of space in the cafe, with wall fans to circulate the air and keep you feeling refreshed in the courtyard dining area. 

The kitchen makes fresh cakes, muffins and pastries daily.

The food came quickly and was so well presented and fresh. More importantly it tasted delicious. Serving size was great. 

We rate this cafe 4 PAWS!


Dog Friendly Features

Get ready for winter!

This delicious Immunity Booster juice will ward off those evil winter bugs.

Butter melting in your mouth....

These buttermilk pancakes, whipped coconut cream, chocolate sauce, raspberry compote & coco flakes will have you begging for more.

Vegetarian Breakfast with a twist.

This potato and herb gnocchi is perfectly paired with wild mushrooms, garden spinach, roasted garlic, hazelnut pangrattato & a free range poached egg.


The best way to experience our great products and service is to visit us in person.  Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing treats for you and your dog.

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