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Anyone can add a listing in any category below, however after it has been submitted,  EVERY listing goes through a review and approval process. This keeps this website free for members of the public to search, find, book and attend dog friendly events, activities, accommodations and other services. 

Events or Activities

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Event: Once off or recurring.
Activity: Usually once off, such as a paid bus tour with your dog etc.
Examples: markets, meet-ups, xmas parties.

Eateries & Bars

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Click here to add a dog boutique.

Outdoor Spaces

Click here to add a dog friendly beach, park, nature reserve, hiking trail etc.

Travelling With Dogs

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Camping, hotels, motels, whole house, bedroom, shared house etc. 


Click here to add a service listing. Examples: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, veterinary practices, emergency services, reike, massage, grooming, yoga, walking, training, dog sitting. Remember, the listings are for dog friendly services, so if you offer a Pawrent & Dog Pamper package, you can list your business here.

Dog Rescue Organisations

Click here to add an Animal Rescue Organisation that deserves some good attention and support!

Dog Friendly Transport

Click here to add any  dog friendly transport listings here too – such as; ferries, busses, car services, coaches & trains.


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